The residence of a sawbwa (sao-pha), a traditional Shan (Tai) ruler. In the smaller of the Shan States, these were often rather simple wooden structures, but others were quite elaborate, made of teak and modeled on the Mandalay Palace, with a central spire or pyatthat elevated above the central throne room. During the British colonial period, some of the wealthier sawbwas, such as the rulers of Keng Tung, Hsipaw, and Yawnghwe, built palaces that combined traditional, Western, and Indian designs. To the distress of the Shan people, the Keng Tung haw was demolished in 1991 by the State Law and Order Restoration Council to make may for a tourist hotel. Other haw, like the one in Yawnghwe, remain in a state of neglect.

Historical Dictionary of Burma (Myanmar). . 2014.


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